Solar Charging Energy Systems in Bozeman, MT

Battery Storage


We offer only Lithium Iron Phosphate battery technology-from several different suppliers, all tested and in operational conditions by Planetary Systems-reliable and proven. The model and MFG will vary with the application and load requirement.

Inverters and Controllers


Planetary Systems offer a variety of inverter/controller packages to fit the environment and use including Outback, Easun and various other Manufacturers-all tested and used by us in systems. Charge controllers are always MPPT type controllers for PV and wind.

Solar and Wind Charging


Large and small-we do it all. From 1kw and down to Multi-kilowatt arrays and wind units-sized to fit the system load and environment. Solar power has NEVER been less expensive and with current technologies, no PV modules is better than any other, no matter the hype.

Small KW Systems


A small 2kw cabin system with solar input and a backup generator will cost from as little as $5000 to $ 9000 depending on the scale of the solar and battery storage using Lifepo4 batteries.

Mid-level Systems 3-5kw


Systems including appropriate solar and wind power for your electrical loads between 3kw and 5kw will range from $ 10,000 to $15,000 depending on the battery and solar capacity required to support your electrical loads.

Large solar and wind-5kw and up


Larger system with multiple stacked inverters and controls plus larger array and battery capacities can range from $ 17,000 and up -nearly any size load up to 20,000 watts can be served.

New Power Package system, installed with short stack of Lifepo4 batteries in home office.
Power Package Systems

New Power Package

  • Our new Power Package system is portable and integrated with all necessary components for small, medium and large renewable energy system and Lifepo4 battery