Portable and Packaged Systems

Portable Power


Our Portable Power systems offer charging, metering and AC/DC power outlets plus built in PV and wind charging capacity with up to 2kw output and 200ah LifePo4 battery storage...call for pricing and details

Package Power Systems


We still offer our patented Power Package system with everthing in one compact enclosure-ready to plug and play-no wall mounting and it can easily be relocated if necessary-once again with all OUTBACK components and LifePo4 battery as shown.

Wind Systems


Over our 24year course of business, we have previously used AGM batteries, and high-wattage horizontal axis wind units, but since we have moved to Li batteries, we have found that multiple small vertical axis wind units work much better with these batteries. We now offer these small (400w-600w) units with all systems.

A word about system sizing...


We have found that customers with tight budgets tend to skimp on some essentials while customers with open budgets want to oversize their systems. We recommend sticking with the required consist which fits your load profile regardless of budget if at all possible. Oversizing and undersizing can lead to complications down the line.