Solar Systems and design


Getting started

The first thing is to plan or upgrade to a truly efficient load profile: Refrigeration, lighting, heating and cooling, water pumping, kitchen appliances and electronics need to be as efficient as possible.

Designing to your environment

If you live in an area with lots of sun, fine but that probably means cooling loads, conversely low sun areas may need heating and so on...we can design for any environment.

Planetary Systems Resume

We have designed and installed over 2500 systems worldwide in many environments...we know what you need for your location- From Alaska to the Caribbean to Hawaii and the continental US.

Our approach

We offer Lifepo4 Lithium batteries exclusively with every system and are not stuck with any one manufacturer or product line, we provide what works for you and your budget and level of interface.  Our motto is always-keep it simple.

The Basics

Simplicity and reliability...that is our creed...while others may consistently embrace every new gadget or doo-dad, we only use tested and proven products and designs and we live with them ourselves on our off-grid homestead in Montana where we have lived for 20 years. Off-grid Solar systems are our expertise.

Call us with your questions

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